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Assets by Sara Blakely

It's a line that's so familiar it's become a cliché:  Does this make me look fat?  Well, now your worries about any item of clothing "making you look fat" are over thanks to the amazing innovation, Assets by Sara Blakely.
Exactly how do you describe Assets?  It's a brand of shaping undergarments that are not only comfortable to wear all day, but also affordable. And they really do re-shape you to hide your body flaws.
Blakely, the created of a similar line of products called Spanx, was besieged by women who couldn't afford Spanx but wanted the same benefits.  So she created Assets, a less expensive alternative.
She reinvented the way women viewed shapewear, which at one time referred only to control-top pantyhose.  Today, in addition to pantyhose and footless shapers, you can buy panties, bras  leggings even some "intimate apparel selections" under the Assets by Spanx brand.  If your needs include a slimming tank top, Assets by Sara Blakely has you covered -- and "slimmingly" at that!
If you're traveling to the beach this summer and want to look slimmer, consider the swim suits Blakely has created. 
And men, don't get jealous, because in some cases, you can find similar shapewear for yourself as well.
Assets  are made from a durable nylon and cotton blend.  The presence of the cotton allows each piece to breathe. And that ensures that you'll have a comfortable fit from the moment you put it on in the morning until the time you come home and take it off that evening.
When you select Assets by Spanx, you'll also find that you have a wide choice of colors that will last and not fade.
If Assets is made by Spanx, then what's the real difference between the two brands?  The biggest difference is price, of course.  Assets by Sara Blakely is the shapewear for those of us, who aren't the Oprah Winfreys of the world, those of us who have to shop within a budget -- and sometimes a small one at that.
Some women contend that the original Spanx is of a higher quality -- longer lasting.  But there are also others who have complained that for the price and perceived quality even Spanx shapewear doesn't last as long as it should.
The amount of "re-shaping" is also an issue with some consumers. These individuals claim that Assets by Sara Blakely don't do as good a job at concealing your faults as Spanx. 
And the final difference between the two is in the material used,  In addition to nylon and cotton, which is what Assets are made from, the materials in the Spanx brand also includes lycra, spandex, elastic and mesh. It's exactly this diverse inclusion that makes Spanx so effective.
But even the ability to create a slimmer body shouldn't be much of an issue, since this marvelous line of clothing comes in three distinct "slimming levels":  medium, super and ultra.
These wonderful re-shaping items certainly addresses the bottom line in women's undergarments targeting the harder to slim areas of the body.  Now's the time to banish the phrase "Does this make me look fat?" from your vocabulary. With this amazing new line of shapewear, Assets by Sara Blakely, that's the last thing you'll be worrying about!  That means you have more time to enjoy your day!